Greg du Toit - acclaimed wildlife photographer, Guy Western - Coordinator Rebuilding the Pride and John Kamanga - the Director of SORALO are now in the US to give talks and fundraise.

On 20th April Greg du Toit will talk about his story of the South Rift Valley in a remote part of Kenya at Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden as part of the Barrows Lecture Series. 

Blood, Sweat and Photographic Tears

Acclaimed wildlife photographer Greg will give a highly original presentation that includes a feast of unbelievable wildlife imagery. He will share his extensive knowledge of one of Africa’s wildest regions, deep within the heart of Kenya’s south rift valley.

The audience will gain insight into the patience, passion, commitment and dedication that it takes for a wildlife photographer in the 21st century to capture truly unique imagery.

The personable style of the presentation as well as the infectious story itself motivates audiences on a deeply personal level.

Learn how images that Greg captured in a remote corner of Africa lead to a sellout solo exhibition with the National Geographic Society in London and to a cover story for the Africa Geographic Magazine.

Talk details:

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How to help: Your donation will help us preserve the culture and nature of the South Rift



Greg giving a talk in Nairobi, Kenya. The auction of his prints and sales of his coffee table book AWE (African Wildlife Exposed) generated $8,000 for valuable conservation work.



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