Borderline Conservation

Borderland Conservation

The Kenya-Tanzania borderlands region supports some of the richest wildlife populations on earth through a network of national parks and reserves, as well as the pastoral lands that connect them.

Conservation of the borderlands region is critical to the long-term viability of both elephant and lion metapopulations.


Cattleman's Program

In the Southern Rift of Kenya pastoralist land is under communal land tenure in the form of Group Ranches. Each Group Ranch has a committee and everyone who is based in the area is a member.



Maasai Cultural Heritage Program

The Maasai have become the iconic face of Africa in recent decades, thanks to popular culture and mass tourism. Their image is displayed in brochures, magazines, and on billboards around the world. Despite their fame, the Maasai are fast losing their material culture and profound knowledge of livestock, environment and wildlife. 


Education Outreach

Almost of SORALO’s programs, particularly those based at the Lale’enok Resource Centre have an education component.  Education is viewed in its broadest sense, in the generation and sharing of knowledge. Each program, from the Cattleman’s Association to the Cultural Heritage program included information sharing. 


Sustainable Rangeland Monitoring & Management

In order to fully understand any ecosystem, you need to start from the grass roots upwards, literally. This particularly applies to the East African savanna rangelands, where understanding how pastoralists and wildlife together maintain the rich diversities and densities that they do is crucial to conservation. 


Rebuilding the Pride

Rebuilding the Pride aims to increase lion and other carnivore numbers across the South Rift, linking the Mara, Amboseli and Tsavo into a viable meta-population.


Tourism & Conservation

SORALO intends to facilitate a development agenda, focused on tourism, which will address the threats related to maintaining a wildlife habitat to ensure that the integrity of the ecosystem remains intact, for future generations.


Game Scouts

The game scouts carry out this initiative in collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Department, local administration, District Environmental committees and other agencies that can provide professional and technical support.


Horn of Africa - Climate Change Project

The southern Kenya landscape selected for the CCP in Kenya lies between two important national parks Maasai Mara and Amboseli with the Ewaso Nyiro basin cutting across the entire landscape and with the Loita/Nguruman water shade forming a vital water tower.