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The Maa community have become the iconic face of Africa in recent decades, thanks to popular culture and mass tourism. Their image is displayed in brochures, magazines and on billboards around the world. Despite their fame, the Maa are fast losing their material culture and profound knowledge of livestock, environment and wildlife. Their culture is facing growing challenges from both outside and within as they embrace development and formal education. Read more .....


Announcement for the Annual Rangelands Congress of Kenya

1st Annual Rangelands Congress of Kenya

The future of rangelands is at crossroads. Despite covering three quarters of Kenya, supporting 60 percent of national livestock herd and 90 percent of all wildlife, the rangelands face great threats. The many threats include population growth, poverty, land degradation, recurrent drought, loss of rivers and wetlands, declining wildlife and climate change. The collapse of subsistence economies and cultures has left families destitute. Land subdivision and sales, the extraction of charcoal, sand, building stone and wildlife poaching have risen with poverty and social disruption. Poor social services and lack of technical skills hamper opportunities for alternative livelihoods in a tight job market. Read more...




Position:Regional Coordinator

HoA REC&N’s Horn of Africa Climate Change Programme (HoA-CCP) is now looking for a competent Regional Coordinator, based at the HoA-REC&N headquarters in Addis Ababa, to manage the HoA-CCP in close collaboration with the National Focal Point Organisations from Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.